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For business owners wanting to prepare and sell their company valued between $75k – $750k, dissatisfied with the reality only 1 out of 9 listed businesses actually sell, and where paying a professional 8% – 12% does not make sense, it’s time to unlock Business Selling Mastery.

Join other committed business owners seeking to experience industry leading results by properly preparing their business to be sold, marketing it confidentially, finding their qualified and motivated buyer, and paying themselves $200/hr* or more for their time. Unlike FSBO options, other education platforms, or unproven service providers, Business Selling Mastery is built on the same processes and tools as our sister company Gateway Business Brokers, who has decades of experience and a success rate up to 9 times the industry average. We are committed to supporting you through every stage of the selling process so you can experience similar results.
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Here's What You'll Get With Every Package:
  • Complete Framework To Prepare And Sell Your Business
  • Awareness And Insight Into Valuation, Risk Mitigation, Tax Planning, Deal Structuring, Marketing, Buyer Screening, Negotiation, Financing, Due Diligence, And Transition Processes
  • Masterclass Video Library, Forms, Checklists, and Completed Examples
  • Simplified Tools For Valuation And Financial Preparation
    Enhanced Guidance And Maintenance Of Your Sale Process
  • Access Over 26,000 Historical Sales
  • Valuation Instruction & Tools
  • Deal Structure Options (Asset Or Share Sale) and Vendor Financing
  • Templated Offering Memorandum
  • Featured Listing On The GBB Site and Automated Buyer Qualification Process
  • Protecting Anonymity And Safeguarding Information
  • Next Level Negotiation
  • Bi-Weekly Zoom Training
  • Empowered Includes all of the above plus:
  • Personalized Recommendations And Support, Adding Confidence And Strength.
  • One-on-One Support And Added Tools To Prepare Financials and Valuation
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Customized Marketing Plan & Access to GBB’s Qualified Buyer Database & Centers Of Influence
  • Access The Right Lenders.
  • Liberated Includes all of the above plus:
  • Deep Dive Analysis Of Your Financials and One-on-One Valuation Support
  • Tax Planning & Deal Structuring Support
  • Professionally Produced Offering Memorandum
  • Enhanced Marketing Of Your Business
  • Hands On Support With Buyers, Negotiation, Due Diligence, And Deal Financing.
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